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  • Visit us at the Taste of Christmas! Posted on 29 October 2013

    The historical Tobacco Docks with its combination of indoor and outdoor space will be transformed with a wintery Christmas atmosphere with pockets of warmth contained within our key feature areas.


    You can read more about LANDGARTEN exhibiting on stand G7 here.

    Taste incredible signature dishes from London’s hottest restaurants, see top chefs like Michel Roux Jr. put their individual twists on Christmas classics, indulge in cheese & wine and chocolate tastings, plus the chance to find unique ingredients and foodie gifts in the Christmas Food & Drink Market.

    Taste of Christmas brings together not just restaurants and food and wine suppliers, but a line-up of innovative and interactive programmes on cooking and eating.

    Venue:     Tobacco Dock
    Dates:      21st – 24th November 2013

    Find us at Stand G7, Lower Ground, opposite the 'Chocolate Box'


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  • Not registered Created on 23/02/2015 03:01

    I know a family that
    I know a family that has a secaipl needs child who is still in diapers at age 10 years old.  Because of his deficits, he messes up a lot of clothes.  His sister/guardian has a washing machine but no dryer.  She has a clothes line but neighbors' trees prevent sun from shining on the clothes line which makes it even more difficult to get the clothes dried and keep up with the laundry. My Christmas wish is that this family be blessed with a working clothes dryer.  Thank you for careing.  Janice

    Not registered Created on 23/02/2015 19:15

    You'll want complex
    You'll want complex chytoardrabes, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc. Just not anything that would give you a sugar rush like candy or juice. I like some fruit and string cheese or yogurt or toast with peanut butter. http://nkprmrxt.com [url=http://bivjyhbcj.com]bivjyhbcj[/url] [link=http://keszwlq.com]keszwlq[/link]

    Not registered Created on 24/02/2015 04:52

    Hi! I know how you f
    Hi! I know how you feel, we've been busy too! But it was a good Christmas and we saw a lot of our family, glad yours was a good one too!Happy New Year!!! :)Buffie

    Not registered Created on 25/02/2015 19:43

    FIRST, if you really
    FIRST, if you really want to make this a lfiestyle change, you MUST get rid of the junk in your house!  Throw out the chips, cookies, candies, processed foods, etc.  You must get rid of this stuff so that you don't eat it when you get cravings!  I can't emphasize enough how important this is!I try and keep these things on hand in my kitchen:pearsapplesbananasalmonds (any kind of nuts)lite yogurt (this means sweetened with splenda)fixins for salad (lettuce, tomato, cuke)natural, unsweeted applesaucefat free cottage cheesesugar free jello cupssugar fee pudding cupssugar free cool whipstrawberriesblueberriessteel cut oatsfiber one flakessoymilk (lite vanilla)carrot sticksfoodforlife.com (sprouted english muffins)any low calorie, high fiber breadnatural peanut butterground flaxseeds (add to cereal and sprinkle on p.butter bread)Cut out the following items:cheese and dairy products that are not fat freesugarwhite flourwhite pastawhite riceanything containing corn syrup or a derivativeanything containing hydrogenated oilsfatty meats (most cuts of red meat)This takes times.  Add in new foods gradually to ensure that you can tolerate them and also to give your tastebuds time to adjust.  You must get rid of the sugar and hydrogenated oils ASAP if you want cravings to cease.Good luck.  Feel free to email me for more in depth communication. http://rgbbjhjug.com [url=http://qhhkcsqk.com]qhhkcsqk[/url] [link=http://vltnjyhctm.com]vltnjyhctm[/link]
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