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About US

We are a small, family run business based on the country side of Austria.

Since 1989 we are striving to make the most delicious vegan treats by using only organic and natural ingredients.

Landgarten means ‘Country Garden’ in English and we are indeed surrounded by rolling hills and farmland.  Because we owe it to the land that provides for us it's our true passion to produce sustainable and organic food.

We source most of our ingredients locally to support small farmers in our area. What makes us most happy is that we can offer a range of vegan chocolate treats that we believe are irresistible and loved by everyone! Our chocolate is always Fairtrade and all our delights are certified organic. The energy we use is made by our own windmill farm -  something we are very proud of!

We believe that you can taste all the love and care that goes into our chocolate treats.

Your Landgarten Team xx